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Broker in real estate loans: their notoriety improves

A recent Ifop survey conducted for Cafpi shows the good image of the mortgage broker profession to consumers.

What is a mortgage broker?

What is a mortgage broker?

It is an intermediary between a financial institution, a bank and an individual who wants to subscribe a mortgage. He collaborates with several lenders and negotiates attractive rates with the latter for a large volume of business. The real estate broker is only paid if the loan application is successful. To choose a brokerage professional safely, we must look if it has Afnor certification (Note that Crédigo has this label since 2006). To win a competitive mortgage rate, it is important to consider some tips from your banker or broker.

To the question “Have you ever heard of mortgage brokers?”, Only 15% of those surveyed said no. They were 16% in June 2016 and 21% in June 2015. Of the 85% of respondents who know the profession of credit brokers, 55% know exactly what their activity is (only 30% of respondents do not see what a broker). 71% of respondents believe that brokers save money, 88% save time. This poll conducted by the Internet from 2 to 5 October 2017 by Ifop Institute with a sample of 1001 French over 25 years.

2017 an exceptional year for the real estate market

2017 an exceptional year for the real estate market

The number of real estate transactions in 2017 is growing and has just peaked: 952,000 transactions since the end of September 2017, a record number since 2000. This phenomenon is due to the recrudescence of first-time buyers who borrow at very low rates. This good news benefits all sectors such as construction, which has recorded 16,000 more jobs. Real estate agencies also hire: 6,000 jobs at a minimum.

At the same time real estate prices are on the rise: 3.9% more than in 2016, on average, across the country, prices are reaching highs in some cities on the first part of the year. year, as in Bourges (+ 13.8%), Bordeaux (+ 12%), or Paris (+ 7.9%). Some cities announce smaller increases: Montpellier + 0.1%, Nantes + 0.7%, Toulouse and Nice + 0.8%.

For example, we display 9,000 euros per m2 on average in Paris. In the capital, the price of old apartments averages 8.940 euros per m2 in Paris, or 7.8% over one year, compared with 5.740 euros per m2 in Ile-de-France (+ 5.8%). In France brokers hold about 30% of the mortgage market and this figure should reach 50% within 5 years, particularly because of the increase in demand for first-time buyers.

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