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Bankate Credit is more than a loan on hand

Bankate Credit is more than a loan on hand

Progress cannot be stopped and banks are also developing in its spirit. At present, clients are much closer, even in their homes. You can connect to online banks via the Internet, and in this way you can handle everything from A to Z around loans.

This makes today’s online bank loan faster than a previously popular hand loan. And to do this, it guarantees safety and discretion. Nobody wants to fly to usurers or have a reputation as a debtor among friends… Bankate Credit is a highly sought-after client and respected financial experts, a flexible loan similar to an overdraft or revolving loan.

The loan does not appear immediately in our offer, but we can transfer up to CZK 35,000 to your current account at any time, and it only depends on you when and how many payments you make out the loan. You can either repay all at once or take advantage of any monthly installments without extra charges. You only pay the daily interest and the 12.5% ​​fee for the relevant amount (you will save up to 33% compared to Micro loans).

You will also appreciate the fact that because of the Bankate Credit loan, you do not have to arrange a current account with Bankate or wait for a credit card. “Bankate Credit is also practical in that if I don’t draw money, I don’t pay any fees,” says Dagmar. “Unfortunately, I have an earlier bad experience,” he adds. “The non-bank loan immediately on the hand from the ad dropped into my mailbox had hidden charges nobody had informed me in advance. While the terms of the Bankate Credit loan are clear. “

Mrs. Jiřina confirms the Bankate loan emergency: “ Bankate Bank is the best. She borrowed me repeatedly on maternity leave. Only this company. Thank you.”

The loan on hand is now under CNB supervision

The loan on hand is now under CNB supervision

The risk loan immediately on hand, on a bill of exchange or on an OP, in particular a loan up to 5000, is under the supervision of the CNB since the end of 2016. Under the new Consumer Protection Act, lenders on the financial market can operate solely with a banking license and are also bound by a minimum capital of CZK 20 million.

But does this really mean the end of overpriced loans with property pledges and pre-collected or hidden fees? It is always up to the consumer to decide what loan he will choose, what he will find out about his provider, and what terms of the contract he will commit. In any case, the new consumer credit law is on your side.

Feel free to contact Bankate Bank, which has acquired a banking license as the first non-bank lender on the Czech financial market. Today it operates in 24 countries and has over 2.5 million clients.

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